Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Awareness (Rishan Mahmud & Maruf Hasan)

Internet usage is at its peak in Bangladesh. And since the Corona disaster, everyone is getting more dependent available on the internet. This dependency on the Internet and the availability of technology has increased the security risks as well as bringing more facilities to life. We have organized a free webinar to increase public awareness.
Our webinar highlights are:
Bangladesh’s position on cybersecurity and cybercrime issues and what should we do as a conscious citizen?

  • What is cybercrime, how does it happen, what should we do if it happens?
  • How to keep yourself safe in cyberspace?
  • Bangladesh Cyber Law, etc.
    Our Guest for this Webinar:
    *** Maruf Hasan, Director of Cyber Security Center, Daffodil International University
    *** Webinar will be Presented by Rishan Mahmud, News Reader, Ekushey Television

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