Online Dating Scam -Love Trap in 21st Century

Cybercriminals know what men want the most, romance. Online dating scams happen every day, everywhere and anyone can be a victim.

Online Dating Scam

How this Online Dating Scam Started?

Eugene (alias) was a US serviceman. Young and full of life. His family was proud of him.

Although he was confident and charming, he did not have the best of luck when it came to the ladies. Being a soldier did not help. He was lonely. And that feeling seemed to have a hold over him, driving him quite crazy as his days of loneliness grew more and more unbearable.

Wanting to find some appreciation, he did what any modern man does. He started on an international online dating site and within a few weeks down to instant messengers. Even though he found attention, it was halfway across the world.

He met a great-English speaking Filipino girl. Subtle flirtations he offered were not lost on her. As she wasn’t sure about an American Man, she was genuinely shy. However, he took it up as a challenge to make her believe that the days of Vietnam are long gone. He decided to keep at the spark, which was prominent from the get-go. Instead of rushing things, he waited for it to turn into a fire. And he was ready to kindle it and cherish it with the carefulness of a prehistoric man.

It worked. It all happened over the internet when one night, out of confidence he sent some photos for her muse to enjoy. Maybe to show what her love did to him. Things suddenly started to turn sour. Questions of money started getting raised. It was pure and simple blackmail and he became victim of online dating scam.

Blackmailing Under the Hood of Online Dating Scam

The girl asked for money, set a deadline, and hung a threat over his head of exposing his behavior to the authorities in her home and stateside. He couldn’t believe it at first, all of this came as an unpleasant surprise—so much that he pleaded, it would have been on his knees if they were together in reality. But the reality was very different, and it struck hard on him. 

It wasn’t loving, at least not towards him. It was for his money. The threats were real, and with a broken heart, he finally complied. He sent her a grand and a half. In a fair world, this would have been the end of it. But, this world is never fair. The threats stopped temporarily, just to rear their ugly head again. Violent requests for more money came, with similar-sounding threats. Eugene had no other options left but to take some action.

He couldn’t go to the authorities, that would just defeat the purpose. 

Eugene came to us.


We listened and we understood. This wasn’t anything new to us or the netizens. Threats like these or incidents like online dating scam are a recurring theme people deal with almost everywhere every day. We assured Eugene that we will take care of the situation with the promise that those photos will be deleted. Finally, the perpetrator was brought to justice, and his honor and career were saved.

We traced the IP address by leaving a trap in the mail. The bait worked. Within a week we found out where she lived and what kind of tech she is using to run those online dating scam operations. It was all downhill after that. We notified the Filipino authorities with details of the situation. They were helpful. She was caught and charged accordingly. The photos were deleted and we showed Eugene the proof that he was in the clear.


Eugene has remained our client ever since. We helped him with more cyber security services as he needed them. TechForing has always put the client first and built lasting relationships wherever possible. 

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